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Terreille (pronounced "Ter-reel"), also known as the Realm of Light, is the Realm farthest from the Darkness. Terreille is the Realm most notably held by the Tainted witches Dorothea SaDiablo and Hekatah SaDiablo . Prythian too was a High Priestess in Terreille as well as the 'owner' of Lucivar Yaslana during his time as a pleasure slave.


After the taint of Dorothea and Hekatah had spread through Terreille and Kaeleer Jaenelle Angelline (Witch ) purged the Blood of all those touched by the taint including Dorothea, Hekatah, and Prythian. With the purge Terreille was left without a number of Queens and others from the Shadow Realm were sent to take their places such as Cassidy or the Rose Queen.

Territories Edit

Places within the TerritoriesEdit

  • Black Valley- valley that is the Keep's territory
  • Blood Run
  • Khaldharon Run
  • Draega- Capital City of Hayll

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