Vital Statistics
Saetan (father)

Hekatah SaDiablo (mother)
Mephis (brother)
Daemon (half brother)

Lucivar (half brother)

Peyton SaDiablo was the second son of Saetan SaDiablo and Hekatah SaDiablo. Mephis SaDiablo is his older brother, and he was a half-brother of Daemon Sadi and Lucivar Yaslana.  Peyton died during the war between Terrielle and Kaeleer some 50,000 proor to the events of Daughter of the Blood. Unlike his brother Mephis, he did not become demon-dead, but returned to the Darkness.

Peyton's relationship with Saetan turned bad after Hekatah, his mother, convinced his fiance, Shira, a witch from a short-lived race in Dharo, that Saetan did not want her in the family to corrupt the bloodline, due to her low social status as a musician. Peyton blamed Saetan, even after he found out it was his mother who lied to the girl.

During the war between Kaeleer and Terrielle, he went to fight on the behalf of Shira's descendants in Dharo, whom he had looked out for over the centuries following her marriage to another man and subsequent death.

He died during the war and returned to the Darkness, never becoming a demon.

Peyton's love of Shira was used as justification for Saetan's acceptance of Marian, Lucivar's wife.


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