Magstrom was a Summer-sky Jewelled Warlord and a member of the Dark Council in Kaleer.  He first appeared when the Dark Council demanded to see Janelle Angelline and her 'living arrangements' (Heir To The Shadows).  Magstrom was willing to be open minded; when Witch destroyed the study after Friall, his companion, insulted the High Lord, he knew that Witch had to stay with the High Lord, as he was all that stood between her and Kaleer.  Magstrom had a good relationship with the High Lord and the Dark Court; so much so that he was the only one they would talk to.  He was killed by Hekatah SaDiablo at the instigation of Lord Jorval when he discovered people were going 'missing' at the annual service fairs (Queen Of The Darkness) and his death made to look like a wild kindred attack.

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