A hearth witch is both a caste and a job description. It is implied that the caste does not come with an inherent or unique skillset, like a Healer or a Black Widow; it has been suggested that it is more a matter of temperament, as when Saetan notes that though Jaenelle can create fantastical magical phenomena it is Marian, 'the practical hearth witch', who comes up with a useful implementation.

Blood females who perform similar functions, such as Mrs. Beale, a cook in the SaDiablo family estate, or Birdie, a White Jeweled witch who serves as a maid in the Court of Cassidy, the Queen of Dena Nehele, are not hearth witches because what they do is a paid profession. Mrs. Beale is a professional cook and housekeeper. Birdie is a paid servant.

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