Greer was a Hayllian Warlord who worked for Dorothea SaDiablo in Tereille as an assassin among other jobs. He killed Titian in Hayll, orphaning Surreal SaDiablo when she was twelve years old. Greer is the man that raped Jaenelle Angelline at Briarwood when she was 12 years old. Greer had a deformed right hand resembling a claw, something Daemon Sadi did while he was "enjoying a wench's luxuries" in a seedy tavern. (For killing Titian)

In the end of Daughter of the Blood Greer was killed by Surreal who also rescued Jaenelle from Briarwood and brought her to Dark Altar. She couldn finish the kill and thus Greer became demon-dead and started serving Hekatah SaDiablo.