Ebon Rih
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Ebon Askavi


Ebon Rih is a Valley located in Ebon Askavi- or the Keep.


While Ebon Askavi can be found in all three realms (Terreille , Kaeleer , and Hell ) Ebon Rih can only be found in Kaeleer or the Shadow Realm.

The Prince of Ebon RihEdit

Andulvar YaslanaEdit

Ebon Rih was initially founded by Andulvar Yaslana who came from Terreille to Kaeleer and set up several camps for the Eryians who came with him. The mountians were never meant to hold more than a few hunderd Eyrians

Lucivar YaslanaEdit

After Andulvar's death Lucivar took over the position as the Warlord Prince of Ebon Rih. His position is not contested until "Twilights Dawn" by Falonar who wants to be the Warlord Prince but does not have the power to take over.

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