The district of Bhak and Woolskin was created when the District Queen who previously ruled a larger collection of villages stepped down. The Queen's villages were split up into separate districts, allowing for several new Queens to begin ruling for the first time.

The first Queen to rule Bhak and Woolskin as it's own district was Lady Cassidy. At the end of her contract as Queen, Cassidy's court betrayed her and reformed around an apprentice Queen who served her, Kermilla.

Kermilla quickly burned through the modest profits Cassidy had managed to save during her tenure as Queen and then followed the former Lady of Bhak and Woolskin to Dena Nehele, a Terreillean Territory Cassidy had agreed to rule. Lady Kermilla remained in Terreille for months, whilst her villages suffered under the deficit she created through her heavy-handed and sometimes illegal spending of district funds.

When Kermilla returned, she found her residence shut down by the Territory Queen, Sabrina. Sabrina removed Kermilla as District Queen and installed the Province Queen Darlena as District Queen in the interim.

Cassidy's CourtEdit

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Kermilla's CourtEdit

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