Andulvar Yaslana
Biographical information

Askavi, Terreille

  • c. 50,000 (Physical death)
  • c. 25 AW (Final death)
Family information
Family members
Physical description

Eyrien (Demon-dead)



Hair color


Eye color


Hierarchical information
Birthright Jewel





Andulvar Yaslana, known as the Demon Prince, was an Ebon-gray-Jeweled Eyrien Warlord Prince who served as the Warlord Prince of Askavi and later, as the Master of the Guard of the Dark Court. He was a long-term companion and a friend of Saetan SaDiablo, who regarded Andulvar as his brother. Not even Hekatah SaDiablo's schemes managed to diminish the bond between the two Warlord Princes. Andulvar had a son, Ravenar, with Hekatah. Prothvar Yaslana is also his grandson.

He first met Jaenelle when she was very young and became her teacher in armed combat. Besides, he was designated by Saetan to teach her how to fly like an Eyrien, mainly to ensure that she wouldn't do anything stupid while practicing on her own.

When it was time for Witch to go to war with Terreille, Jaenelle sent Andulvar to convince the demon-dead to step onto this last battlefield. Andulvar said final goodbyes to his long-term friend in Saetan's vision of the tangled web before becoming a whisper in the Darkness to protect the good side of the Blood from the witch storm.

Later Lucivar and Marian named their second son in honor of Andulvar.


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