Alexandra Angelline
Biographical information

Chaillot, Terreille

Family information
Family members
Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Hierarchical information

Blood Opal (Broken)


Alexandra Angelline was a Blood Opal-Jeweled Queen who served as the Territory Queen of Chaillot. She was the mother of Leland Benedict and the maternal grandmother of Jaenelle Angelline and Wilhelmina Benedict. While she was a natural Black Widow and had begun an apprenticeship in the Hourglass coven of Chaillot before her ascension to Queen, she ended it due to the whispers about the coven being "unnatural women".

During her reign, Alexandra fought to keep Chaillot from falling under the encroachment of Hayll and its High Priestess, Dorothea SaDiablo, however, the growing influence of the male council of Chaillot ensured that her power as Queen was greatly diminished. While she was considered a good Queen by the standards of Terreille, she was not by the standards of the Queens of Kaeleer.

When Alexandra went to Kaeleer to insist the return of both her granddaughters one of her escorts was involved in an incident where one member of Jaenelle's court got killed. As a result Witch exiled Alexandra and her court from Kaeleer and broke both her Jewels.

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