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Aaron is a Warlord Prince and part of a male triangle of strength that existed in Jaenelle Angelline's Court. He was good friends with Chaosti and Khary and wore the second darkest Jewel among them. He wore the Birthright Green and descended two ranks to wear the Red. He is also a distant cousin of Lady Cassidy, Queen of Dena Nehele.

He was born in Dharo and it is implied that he and Sabrina share a history before they came to SaDiablo Hall, but whether they met through Jaenelle or not is unclear. During his time serving in the Dark Court Aaron met and fell in love with Kalush. They married and had a daughter named Arianna.

Aaron had one major conflict in the books worth illustrating. He was pursued by Vania, a Province Queen from Chaillot who had come with Alexandra Angelline from Terreille in the guise of trying to free Alexandra's granddaughters from Saetan SaDiablo's grasp. Vania wanted badly to bed Aaron, which Aaron did not want. This harassment came to a culmination point over lunch. She suggested that they had already had sex, and the control on his temper snapped. Surreal was forced to try and stay Aaron from killing Vania. She succeeded and Vania lived, but the incident brought the wrath of Witch down upon the group from Chaillot.

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